Bedbug Inspection and Extermination at Residential & Commercial Properties


Any good bed bug exterminator knows that a thorough pest inspection is a must before proceeding with bed bug treatment.  When dealing with a potential bed bug infestation, the anguish caused by days of sleep deprivation can turn a customer’s life upside down.  Unfortunately, many so called "Pest Control Professionals" will take advantage of this and sell you a bed bug treatment you don’t really need.

We will never treat before we inspect!

So, how do we figure out whether or not you have bed bugs?  For starters, our pest control specialist will begin with a thorough visual inspection for bed bugs.  This may involve moving furniture, lifting mattresses and even using special lighting devices to illuminate the various cracks and crevices of the room where bed bugs often hide. 

NightWatch Bed Bug Trap and MonitorAlthough a good visual inspection is crucial, it may not be enough.  That’s why we have recently integrated some innovative new technology into our inspection procedures.  One of our most effective detection devices is the NIghtWatch™ bed bug monitor which can detect infestations of all levels.   USA Pest Control™ uses the Nightwatch™ bed bug monitor as a primary detection tool for both commercial and residential applications.  The NightWatch™ bed bug monitor can attract small bed bugs otherwise invisible to the human eye and detect even low level infestations.  This great tool is able to attract bed bugs by essentially mimicking human breath.  Using a combination of CO2 and other harmless chemicals, the device simulates a food source for bed bugs.

Aside from early detection, the unit is able to prevent future outbreaks by eliminating the few bed bugs that may survive after treatment, as well as by forcing bed bugs to crawl across sprays and powders on their way to the monitor. 

Feature Overview:
  • Thermal Kairomone attracts Bed bugs to the unit.
  • Captures bed bugs of all sizes
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Compact
  • Quiet during operation. 

Call us today at 1-866-262-9125 to find out how you can lease a NightWatch™ monitor for your home or business.   

Another great inspection tool which we integrate into our inspection protocols are our SafeRest™ Mattress covers and encasements. Our SafeRest™ mattress encasements are impermeable to bed bugs.  This means that when a bed bug crawls in to feed at night, it will become trapped behind the encasement and will ultimately die of starvation.  Although encasements alone will not contain a bed bug infestation, they are a great tool for detecting even low level infestations and for monitoring the progress and results of a treatment. 

We know you want to be rid of bed bugs and fast. Don’t wait! Call us today at 866-262-9125 to speak with USA Pest Control’s professional, courteous experts. Together, we’ll customize a solution that fits your budget!