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Thermal Extermination of Bed Bugs

One-day solution to your bed bug problem

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to control.  This is mainly because they often hide out of sight in hard to reach areas such as baseboards, under carpeting, and inside various cracks and crevices throughout the room where pesticides cannot reach.  Unfortunately, even when accessible, bed bugs are resistant to most modern day pesticides that which will have either little to no effect on an infestation or worsen it by causing bed bugs to scatter when chemicals are applied. 

Killed bedbugsThe lack of effectiveness and toxic hazards of chemical treatments created a need to find, safer, more innovative solution to eradicate bed bugs from a structure.  That solution is heat. 

USA Pest Control has a wide range of heating options available to our clients from portable heating units such as the PackTite® to professional bed bug steamers along with our full structure Thermal Eradication systems. 

So how does heat kill bed bugs?

All of our heat treatment protocols are based on a bed bugs TDP (thermal death point) which is considered to be 113 F° at an exposure time of 90 minutes or more.  In order to eradicate eggs this temperature must reach 118F and remain there for 90 minutes throughout the entire structure. 

Bedbug heat treatmentFor heating on a smaller scale the PackTite® is a great choice.Currently PackTite® is the only portable heating device on the market rated for killing bed bugs.  This product is a essentially a portable duffle bag equipped with an internal heater, a rack for various sized items from shoes to tools and backpacks and an internal thermometer allowing the customer to monitor the temperature inside the bags.  Although the PackTite® is not intended for eliminating entire infestations, it is a great tool to have when traveling or when having to treat only several items.  The dimensions of the case are 36 long 24 inches high and 19 inches wide. 

Steam is an essential part of almost every bed bug treatment.  Steamers have large heads which slowly apply heat to various surfaces across the room without blowing around bed bugs and their eggs.  Surfaces treated normally include mattresses, inside of box springs, behind baseboards, edges and surfaces of windows, and behind tacks of carpeting. 

Steaming a room is slow, methodical work taking great patience and precision best left to a professional. 

Whole Room Treatment Systems (Thermal Eradication)

Thermal Eradication is the most effective technology available, capable of eradicating infestations of bed bugs and their eggs in entire structures or individual rooms. 

Heater system for exterminating bedbugsHow does it work?

A combination of propane and electric heaters are used to heat a structure to a temperature of around 135 F° (remember that bed bugs die at 113-118 F°).  High velocity fans are used to distribute the air throughout the structure and ensure that it reaches all surfaces and items.  Full structural heating is currently the only available stand-alone treatment for bed bugs (this means no insecticides are needed to make treatment successful). 

If you are thinking about Whole structure treatment for bed bugs, here are some things to consider:

SAFE. Why expose yourself and your loved ones to dangerous chemicals when there is an effective non-toxic alternative? Heat is much safer for the residents of your home. It’s gentle on your belongings, too: unlike chemical treatments, it won’t stain furniture or ruin upholstery. When applied by one of our specially-trained Thermal Eradication experts, a heat treatment will quickly and completely resolve your bed bug problem without any threat of property damage.

Heat treatment for killing bedbugsEFFECTIVE. Your bed bug treatment shouldn’t cause even more disruption to your life than the bed bugs themselves! While chemical pest treatments often require three or more treatments to solve the problem, heat treatment is guaranteed to get rid of bed bugs in just one day. Unlike chemical treatments, Thermal Eradication requires very little preparation.

AFFORDABLE. With the need for multiple treatments and extensive preparation, chemical treatments get expensive fast. Our Thermal Eradication treatment, on the other hand, gets rid of all the bed bugs (and their eggs) in your home in under a day, saving you thousands of dollars in follow up treatments down the road.

To find out more, or to schedule a FREE same day consultation with one of our thermal eradication experts, call us today at 1-866-262-9125.

Click Here for some frequently asked questions about our heat treatments.   

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