Residential & Commercial Thermal Extermination of Bed Bugs


Emergency bed bugs extermination

Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't wait! Give us a call at 866-262-9125 so we can immediately arrange total bed bugs elimination.

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Commercial bed bugs extermination

We totally exterminate bed bugs from commercial dwelling units including apartments, hotels, dormitories, rental properties, hospitals, offices, restaurants...

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Residential bed bugs extermination

To completely remove bed bugs from your residence (and your life) please call us at 866-262-9125 to so we can arrange total bed bugs destruction and annihilation.

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WELCOME to USA Pest Control- Silver Spring MD and Washington DC

Bedbug, Cimex lectulariusBedbug Problem

If you come to this website the chances are that you either have bed bug problem in your life, or know someone who has it, or you just heard of the bed bug spreading and increasing problem and want to protect your family and yourself from those horrible creeping creatures.

Even if you had enough of them fear no more.

If you need bed bugs eliminated in home, residence, apartment, hotel or any dwelling unit, you have come to the right place. The professionals at USA Pest Control deliver custom extermination services that are effective, fast, reliable, and safe in in Washington DC and Silver Spring MD.

Recently, the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States has seen a dramatic spike in bed bug infestations. Predictably, there has also been a spike in ineffective, questionable, and hazardous treatments for the problem.

Bedbug Solution

Many pest control companies heavily rely on pesticides usages to exterminate bed bugs or any other pests or insects. However, pesticides being poisonous chemicals are not that harmless for humans either. Beisdes, bed bugs are extremely adaptable to the pesticides and can even become resistant to certain chemicals. That is probably why they survived thousands years persistently accompanying humans for ages.

But not anymore. They can adapt to the chemical environment or even mutate with it, but as any organic living creature they cannot withstand hot temperatures. Heat is their worst enemy. And that is exactly how we kill the bed bugs and their whole colonies.

With USA Pest Control, bed bugs can be eliminated without putting yourself, your family, or your coworkers at risk. It is because we do not use poisonous pesticides at all. We use physical rather than chemical treatments. Heat - to be precise. Our state-of-the-art heat treatment is environmentally safe and proved to be the most effective method of fighting the bed bugs in Washington DC and Silver Spring MD.

During our many years in the business, we have found that treating bed bugs does not begin and end with merely spraying insecticide, spreading dust, or throwing out old furniture. We tackle the problem with a methodical, thorough, persistent, in-depth approach that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

If you want a one-stop, start-to-finish solution that will get bed bugs out of your life for good, please contact the dedicated experts at USA Pest Control in Washington DC and Silver Spring MD today.

Sleep tight. We won’t let the bed bugs bite.

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