Ant Pest Control Services with USA Pest Control


Does your Home have Ants? Well, how do you know, what are the Signs and Symptoms? Being the most prevalent pest in our home, ants caninvade anywhere they find their food. Pest (ants) infestation in your home is not only embarrassing, but it creates an unsafe environment for your home and your family andis the cause of damage to your households and properties too. When ants become a critical matter for you, take the support of USA Pest Control’s ant control specialists as they know how to count on Pest Control in a simple way. Our Ant Pest Control Services in Maryland, Washington Dc and Silver Spring MD employ the best and proven technologies to eliminate the Ant related disturbances.

Ant facts suggest that an Ant colony can hold upto more than half a million Ants, and they live for 7 to 15 Years. They exist in many forms like Ants, Bees, wasps , termite, etc. Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, Crazy Ants, Fire Ants, Ghost Ants, Leafcutter Ants, and Pharaoh Ants are some of the common ant types found in the USA. Interestingly, they also follow egg, larvae, pupae and adult stages and reproduce much faster than any other pests. While the ants are thought to be ageneral nuisance to everybody as they invade food without aninvite at the same time, Red Fire Ants are dangerous as they sting bite and Carpenter ants damage your wood.

Professional Ant Control Services with USA Pest Control

Ant Control and Treatment Solutions is not an easy task as one thinks. It needs a thoroughsurvey of the Ant problem, nature of ant; determine a child and pest safe treatment and a precaution measure. But it should start with a discussion with a professional Ant Control specialist at your local place.

USA Pest Controlis a locally owned company rendering Ant Pest Control Services in Maryland, Washington DC, and Silver Spring MD areas in the USA. We follow these basic steps to get you control over anant.

  • Through our Ant Inspection process we find out the Ants that are living inside or outside of your premise
  • Use Ant Baits, insecticides and repellants
  • Seal the crack and eliminate the soil contacts
  • Give you the best Ant Repellent advice to be followed to prevent further Ant related damage

Donot hesitate to call us as soon as you notice ant activities.

Keep your Business and Home Ant Safe

If you are a caretaker for a Hospital, Restaurant, Shopping mall or any other food processing industry, you need to be careful about your business reputation and focus to some of the facts above and stay Ant safe. Avoid Ant contamination and food damage at home as soon as you find them. Treatment of Ant as a DIY method helps to prevent certain types of Ants but not for complex issues. You have to be careful using any powerful insecticide in these commercial environments and worth calling a best Ant Control Service team to schedule an Ant repellant activity.

Our Pest Control Technicians at USA Pest Control knowsin-depth about Ant behavior, Ant natures which help us to offer you atargeted ant control service at your door step. Inspection and identification is the best activity,to begin withas soon as we get you a quote as it matters to know what kind of treatment, pesticide needs to be used. We follow actual Ant Control Service just after the inspection as per schedule. At the end get our Ant preventive techniques for free.

Contact Ant Pest Control Servicesin Maryland, Washington DC, Silver Spring MD fromUSA Pest Control at 1-888-258-6359.With our knowledge and dedication to tackling Ant Pest Control Services, we offer a safety and healthy atmosphere to all of our customers.