Bedbugs Hazards: Bedbugs are Dangerous to your Physical and Mental Health

Health Hazards

Bed Bugs Health Risks

Bed Bug infestation is a rising epidemic in America, and is quickly becoming a major problem detrimental to public health. With the infestation rates at an all-time high, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlight emerging physical and mental public health issues as well as economic consequences associated with the bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) in communities throughout the United States.

Although bed bugs do not transmit infectious disease in the same ways as mosquitos and ticks spread West Nile virus, malaria, or lime disease, there are, however, numerous health risks associated with the bed bugs bites and infestation.


Some people may experience mild or severe allergic reaction to the bites of bed bugs, much like some individual’s reaction to bee or hornet stings.  Hypersensitivity (anaphylaxis) to the bed bug bites in some people may lead to anaphylactic shock which is extremely dangerous and life threatening.  One needs to seek an immediate medical attention in such cases.


Although bed bugs are not generally known to spread any blood transmitted pathogens, their bites, however, can be very itchy and when scratched one can easily introduce germs into the wound.  Since bed bugs usually attack at night, you can scratch yourself spontaneously during your sleep and thus infect the bite site.  Also, if a bed bug bites you in a hotel, or just crawls next to you and you in your sleep pop its full of someone else’s blood body, who knows who its prior prey was and what kind of diseases that person had!


Bed bugs can keep you awake all night, thus depriving you night sleep and exhausting you physically and mentally.  Some people describe their experience with bed bugs as the worst thing that has ever happened to them in their lives, when they felt completely drained out and worthless.

A person residing  within an infested home will often begin to suffer from the effects of insomnia which include but are not limited to anxiety, irritability, inability to focus, depression, loss of appetite, and in some cases psychosis.

Stress and Depression

Constant sleep deprivation combined with itchiness and unsightly reddish bumps and scabs on your skin results in stress and, if left untreated, can lead to depression and immune system weakening.

Latent Illnesses

In turn, weakening your immune system may lead to manifestation of other latent illnesses or illnesses being in a remission.

Social Isolation

If your place is infested with bed bugs, not only you suffer physically and emotionally, you become socially isolated.  People stop coming to your place, or send their kids to your place to play with your kids in fear of bringing back to their houses those pesky and disgusting bed bugs.  You also stop going to other people places feeling guilty of possibility inadvertently contaminating unsuspecting people houses or apartments.

Keep in mind, that when bed bugs infestation occurs, it’s not going to be a random one time bite attack; they are going to “eat” you methodically, every night.  There will be no place to hide, and there is no other treatment except complete extermination.

You do not have to live with bed bugs!

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